2023 Taxes Estimator

Edit: Per the County Commission meeting on July 31, 2023, the commissioners elected to increase the Certified Tax Rate from the state ($1.5566) an additional 28 cents. The new 2023 Tax Rate adopted for Sequatchie County is $1.8366.

The Tennessee Board of Equalization has provided the Assessor with the Certified Tax Rates. The Certified Tax Rate (CTR) is a rate calculated by the State that will provide the taxing entity (City and County) with the SAME property tax revenue collected in the previous year. This rate does not include additional increase due to new construction. These estimated values are subject to change based on decisions by the City and County Commissions throughout the months of July and August as they consider their budget for the year.

The current rates for 2023 are:

Sequatchie County

City of Dunlap

$1.8366 per $100 of assessment (or 0.018366)

$0.5780 per $100 of assessment (or 0.005780)

For more information regarding tax calculations, visit the How to Calculate Taxes page under the FAQs tab.