Current Updates

2023 Sequatchie County Tax Rate

Per the County Commission meeting on July 31, 2023, the commissioners voted to adopt an additional increase of 28 cents to the Certified Tax Rate of $1.5566 provided by the state. The adopted 2023 Tax Rate for Sequatchie County is now $1.8366.

The City Commission has NOT voted concerning the 2023 Tax Rate for the City of Dunlap, yet.

2023 Certified Tax Rates

The Assessor has been provided the Certified Tax Rates (CTRs) from the Tennessee Board of Equalization. The county is $1.5566 per $100 of the assessment, or 0.015566. The city is $0.5780 per $100 of the assessment, or 0.005780. These are the official CTRs for the 2023 tax year. However, the CTRs provided by the Tennessee Board of Equalization are subject to change based on the County and City Commissions. The Assessor has provided both the County Executive and the City Mayor with the CTRs, and the respective Commissions will meet throughout July and August to finalize the 2023 Tax Rate.

If you would like to estimate your taxes using your property assessment value, please visit the 2023 Taxes Estimator page.

Tennessee Population Growth Chart

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury office recently published a chart showing growth across the state. Sequatchie County’s population increase between 2020 and 2022 is in the top four counties! Sequatchie had an increase of 6.8%.

2023 Reappraisal – Update from the Assessor

Sequatchie County is scheduled for a county wide Reappraisal for 2023 as required by Tennessee law. The county is on a six-year cycle, with the last Reappraisal completed in 2017. A Reappraisal means that all land and improvement values in the county will be adjusted to current market values.

The Assessor of Property office, under the oversight of the Tennessee Division of Property Assessments, has been and will be reviewing property for any changes that would affect value. Based on property sales data and costs of construction over the last twelve months, an average increase of 60% in property values is expected. This does not necessarily mean that your taxes will increase.

Because a Reappraisal is property tax revenue neutral, the State Board of Equalization will calculate a tax rate that would bring in the same property tax revenue as the previous year. That rate is called the Certified Tax Rate (CTR). Once that tax rate is determined, it will be presented to the county and city commissions for approval. If either the county or the city commission should decide to change the tax rate from the CTR, the amount of change proposed would have to be published and a public meeting would have to be held to allow input from property owners prior to the vote.

The Assessor of Property office is available to answer questions concerning the new assessments. The telephone number is (423) 949-3534 or contact us via email. There is additional information concerning the Reappraisal and the Certified Tax Rate available here. For additional information regarding the Department of Property Assessments and how the assessment process works, please visit their website or review the FAQ section.